Benefits of Leasing A MINI in Ann Arbor, MI

MINI of Ann Arbor Benefits of Leasing
There are many benefits of leasing a vehicle at MINI of Ann Arbor. Our great lease offers and finance programs can help you maximize your savings. And when your lease is coming to an end, our Lease Turn-In program will help you prepare for what’s next.

Benefits of Leasing

Here’s a few reasons why you should lease a vehicle:

MINI of Ann Arbor Flexibility


If your wants or needs change, you can lease a different vehicle every 2-4 years (duration of your lease).

MINI of Ann Arbor Flexibility

Low Cost Repairs and Maintenance:

The vehicle will most likely be covered under the factory warranty for the duration of your lease.

MINI of Ann Arbor Flexibility

No Effect On Trade-In:

You won’t have to consider your vehicle’s value at the end of the lease and how it will affect the purchase of a new one.

MINI of Ann Arbor Low Monthly Payments

Lower Monthly Payments:

Since you are driving a vehicle for a set time period with a fixed mileage amount, your monthly payments may be significantly lower.

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Lease Turn-In Program

When it’s time to turn-in your MINI lease, there are a few options to consider as you prepare for what’s next.